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Single use plastic, and especially water bottles are one of the serious environmental problems for which there seems to be no solution.  Experience Education has linked with Single Use Solutions LLC who has been working for two decades to solve it.  By using plant-based resin to make the bottles, instead of the now ubiquitous petroleum bottles, there may be a “breakthrough” .  “Breakthroughs” have been the favorite topics to work on for a half century of developing educational materials that inform people of all ages of those “breakthroughs”. Application has been made for EERE (DOE)  to investigate the commercial and practicable viability of SUS water bottles in various closed-loop situations, including offices, cafeterias, and event facilities.  SUS would conduct demonstration field trials under differing variables with an overarching goal of achieving a 90% collection rate for used water bottles, 90% of the time. Funds will be utilized for site-specific, public- awareness signage, collection repositories, container labeling, and the full end-use function, including provision of food digester machines in identified facilities. In coordination with EERE, SUS will collect and evaluate data regarding the effective disposal of the compostable products.
A component of the project focuses on development of educational materials. Experience Education intends to create Learning Activities Packages for all middle school classrooms in the USA, to conduct “hands-on” projects with the use of organic products in closed-loop compost systems under various conditions. The field tests would serve to develop the educational materials to promote such practices to the public.  
Brain Health
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Brain Health Leadership Foundation (BHLF) is committed to taking the breakthrough research of the most forward-thinking neuroscientists to the innovative practices of the most patient-centered practitioners and systems of care. As we understand the significance of coupling exceptional experience with excellence in education, BHLF is proud to be taking the pioneering work of Dr. Yi Jin, MD, and his associates to the world. ElectroMagnetic Brain Pulse (EMBP) - a breakthrough protocol introduced and licensed through BHLF - is an individualized, non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive procedure, using an individual’s characteristic EEG pulse sequence to target neuronal stimulation helping restore the brain’s default state and facilitate its functional recovery. EMBP has been shown to effectively treat neuropsychiatric disorders including: depression, anxiety, Autism and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and addiction with comorbidity of mental illness. With this and future efforts to take research to practice, BHLF provides the introduction, education and training necessary to the professionals appropriate to a specific clinical application. BHLF also provides for the overall introduction of such breakthrough efforts to the general public.